Villa Omikron
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Ροδιά, 71500, Ηράκλειο, Κρήτη
Τηλ.:(+30) 6944505089
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Located at the top of the hill above Pantanassa in Heraklion, Villa Omikron is an elegant private pool villa, a fine example of style combined with the natural elements of Crete island and the modern architecture!
This majestic brand new luxury villa with the breathtaking views is located near the picturesque village of Rogdia and is facing Aegean sea and Dia island while offering unique experiences in front of the colorful sunsets!
The villa promises to excite all your senses and make you live what you've dreamed of for your vacation in Crete! Besides, its name comes from words such as oxygen, smell, sight, sky, horizon, beauty, words that all begin in Greek with the letter OMIKRON (Οξυγόνο, Όσφρηση, Όραση, Ουρανός, Ορίζοντας, Ομορφιά)!
Exclusive style, modern architecture and enviable service make it challenging for you to live into these comfortable and idyllic surroundings and discover all the island of Crete has to offer!

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