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Manidiana 1 Axos Mylopotamos 74051 Rethymno Creta
Tel.:2834061760 Fax:2810542875
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Yakinthos is a traditional hotel, which is at the prefecture of Rethymno, in a distance of 45 km from Rethymno and 43 km from Heraklio.
It has 3 residences, which are fully equipped, with all the basic facilities, including central heating. Yakinthos hotel is situated on the highest point of Axos village, near the remains of the ancient town of Oaxos.
Its view from every single room of the hotel is panoramic to many villages of Mylopotamos, to the "Meteoron" of Axos, to a valley of unique natural beauty and to the sea.
The main principles of our hotel are to offer both comfortable accommodation and Cretan hospitality in a majestic natural environment.
The visitors may enjoy the unique experience of a different holiday in a quiet atmosphere, in direct contact with nature and meet some typical Cretan villagers. They may also experience the traditional customs and discover the original spirit of Crete.
They also have the opportunity to learn about the agricultural and farming activities, as well as the handicrafts of the region and taste some healthy Cretan products such as meet, olive oil, wine, sultanas, raki, olives, vegetables, fruit, milk, and cheese
The accommodation of the visitors may become more pleasant by visiting the archeologicalcites of the area. Some of these are the ruins of the ancient palace of Oaxos, the tombs of the Hellenistic period and Ideon Andron. They may also go to the caves Kamariti-Memeti and Sfentoni, to the Byzantine churches and to the deserted monastery of Halepa.
Yakinthos hotel remains open all the year round, ready to offer memorable experience to the visitor.
All the room remains cool even the hottest days of the summer. Also in the winter all the rooms are central heated. We wish to offer you unforgettable vacations.
Feel like home and enjoy the hospitality of Crete. is in beta version.

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