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Alkyonides Villas
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Xiro Chorio, 74100 Platanés
Tel.:+30 28310 20710 Fax:+30 28310 51904
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Welcome to villas Alkyonithes on the beautiful Greek Island of Crete in the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. Why not take a tour around this site and see for yourselves the wonderful vistas, settings and surroundings of these magnificent villas, set in an ancient olive grove with panoramic views out to the sea and the mountains as a backdrop. Click on the links at the top of the page and be astounded!! But before you go to put you in the mood of the philosophy of our villas, according to the greek mythology, Alkyoni was the daughter of Aiolus and the wife of Kiikas and they were living happily together. One day, Kiikas went with his boat for fishing, although Alkyoni was begging him not to because she had a bad premonition. And Alkyoni was right. After a while high wind blew and sink his boat. Alkyoni, who watched all this from far away when she saw his boat disappearing she fell down from a rock and she got killed. Because their love was so strong, the gods felt sorry for them and they turned them into birds, alkyonas. In addition because alkyonas lay their eggs in January in nests inside rocks, Jeus allowed the sun to shine strongly and warm the alkyonas until their eggs are hatched. These warm January days named for this reason alkyonithes days. Influenced by this so romantic story we decided to give these names to our housing estate and our villas and as you can see the birds are giving their presence to them. is in beta version.

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