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Alexander Hotel Gerakari
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Gerakari, Rethymno
Tel.:+30 28330 51160 Fax:+30 28330 51185
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The Alexander Hotel in Gerakari of the Amario province, Rethimno, is an up-to-date hotel unit offering hospitality services of high level in an untouched and most privileged area of Crete.

Constructed with respect to the unique beauty of the mountainous scenery, the hotel is a real jewel for the area, thanks to its gentle architecture as well as its exceptional sense of luxury and comfort that holds within.

Te communal spaces of classical design and decoration, will soon become a place of meeting and relaxation for visitors. In the hotel lounge visitors can play table games, while in a specially arranged recreation room there are machine toys and electronic games units. Needles to say that there is always access to the Internet and Wi Fi in all communal spaces (at some charge).

The Alexander Hotel restaurant offers dishes of rare and fine taste, enjoyments based on local products, cooked according to world famous Cretan cookery.

The Alexander Hotel is designed and aimed for those who wish and long to experience a close contact with nature. Therefore special care has been given to leafy surroundings, the lawns, the gardens, the play–grounds and to the small farm with domestic animals which will definitely become an attraction to the young and the old.

Imagine all these exist on the foot of Mt. Kedros together with cunning crystal clear waters, numerous springs, within a short distance from the fabulous, mythical mountain Psiloritis with its sole slopes, gorges and proud villages, always available to reveal the real face of Crete.

The hotel’s staff, apart from their services, are always willing to offer you any possible information about Gerakari area and let you know as well about certain activities you may take up or some routes you may wish to hike. is in beta version.

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